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Coyote prowls by jaffa-tamarin Coyote prowls :iconjaffa-tamarin:jaffa-tamarin 9 1 Diademed Sifaka by jaffa-tamarin Diademed Sifaka :iconjaffa-tamarin:jaffa-tamarin 6 3 First past the post by jaffa-tamarin First past the post :iconjaffa-tamarin:jaffa-tamarin 14 1 Chasing the green ball by jaffa-tamarin Chasing the green ball :iconjaffa-tamarin:jaffa-tamarin 12 3 Walk like a lemur by jaffa-tamarin Walk like a lemur :iconjaffa-tamarin:jaffa-tamarin 12 0 Fierce is the fosa by jaffa-tamarin Fierce is the fosa :iconjaffa-tamarin:jaffa-tamarin 22 3 Golden bamboo lemur by jaffa-tamarin Golden bamboo lemur :iconjaffa-tamarin:jaffa-tamarin 6 0 Prowling fosa by jaffa-tamarin Prowling fosa :iconjaffa-tamarin:jaffa-tamarin 40 5 Grass is tasty and nutritious by jaffa-tamarin Grass is tasty and nutritious :iconjaffa-tamarin:jaffa-tamarin 14 0 The chipmunk's domain by jaffa-tamarin The chipmunk's domain :iconjaffa-tamarin:jaffa-tamarin 18 1 Wolfy grin by jaffa-tamarin Wolfy grin :iconjaffa-tamarin:jaffa-tamarin 13 0 Coquerel's sifaka at San Francisco Zoo by jaffa-tamarin Coquerel's sifaka at San Francisco Zoo :iconjaffa-tamarin:jaffa-tamarin 11 0 Skunk has right of way by jaffa-tamarin Skunk has right of way :iconjaffa-tamarin:jaffa-tamarin 16 3 Coyote on the trail by jaffa-tamarin Coyote on the trail :iconjaffa-tamarin:jaffa-tamarin 11 2 Ruffed lemur by jaffa-tamarin Ruffed lemur :iconjaffa-tamarin:jaffa-tamarin 9 0 Black Iguana by jaffa-tamarin Black Iguana :iconjaffa-tamarin:jaffa-tamarin 13 0


Animals Anonymous: Extraordinary Canids
This week, Animals Anonymous will centre on extraordinary canids, extending from foxes to wolves, though none of them are deemed actual foxes or wolves. Of course we won't discuss them all - just those few peculiar ones that are nearly anonymous, yet face threats to their survival. Let us take a look at the Island Fox, Maned Wolf, Darwin's Fox and Ethipean Wolf.

One of the most endangered canids known in the world, is the Ethiopian Wolf. They are the only true Wolves to be found in Africa, and only on a small swatch of land at that. They are endemic to the Ethiopean mountains and live in seven isolated pockets of land, as far as scientists can tell.
In appearance the Ethiopean Wolf resembles a Coyote due to its shape and size, with long legs and a short, pointed muzzle. They hav
:iconmouselemur:Mouselemur 10 14
Poseable toy Commission Vulpix by MalinaToys Poseable toy Commission Vulpix :iconmalinatoys:MalinaToys 2,889 144
Animals Anonymous: The Extinct
We've previously excelled in honoring animals after their international week of attention had already come to a conclusion. This time, however we're a day early in announcing a truly special day for anonymous animals: The Remembrance Day for Lost Species, held on November 30th ever since 2011.

This day is grasped by activists, artists and mourners to share their grief over recently or long since extinct species. Thee are several upcoming activities to mourn and celebrate the species of the past, so be sure to visit this link if you are eager to see whether something is being organized near you.

In the past, this Remembrance Day centred on iconic species such as the Dodo and the Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger). There is however a whole host of other species which have gone extinc
:iconmouselemur:Mouselemur 12 18
Sing Me a Song by Mouselemur Sing Me a Song :iconmouselemur:Mouselemur 36 7 Hey Mama by Mouselemur Hey Mama :iconmouselemur:Mouselemur 34 7
Animals Anonymous: Lemurs
Every year, the last Friday of October is dedicated to one of the most awesome families in the world: Lemurs! Though technically we've missed World Lemur Day by a few days, we figured it's a good enough reason to put the spotlight on these magnificent animals :love:

Lemurs are a most fascinating family of primates. They range in size from the tiniest at 30 grams, to the largest weiging around 15 pounds. Their bodily characteristics vary greatly, as is common with this range of sizes and varying habitats.
Most Lemurs have long tails; some even longer than their body, while the larger species have a very small tail. Their fur coats are very diverse, from black to brown, and gray to red with plenty of possible combinations and variations. 
As a speci
:iconmouselemur:Mouselemur 8 17
Inktober Day 11 Baby Lemur riding on Mama's Back by silvercrossfox Inktober Day 11 Baby Lemur riding on Mama's Back :iconsilvercrossfox:silvercrossfox 24 4
DA-Animals Art Feature: Third Week Of Sept. 2016
Welcome to our weekly feature! 
Beautiful work everyone!



Tala by Fall-of-rain
           Mr Puffin by PatiMakowska          Giga by EdgedFeather
Trying again and again by phalalcrocorax
:iconlucytherescuedcat:lucytherescuedcat 21 26
Animals Anonymous: Pangolin
When one thinks of a scale-y animal that can curl up in a ball, the image of an Armadillo will be quick to come to mind. But they're not the only ones - Pangolins are weird-looking creatures that can be found both in Africa and in Asia.

They are solitary, mostly nocturnal mammals with a body covered in scales made of keratin - the same stuff human nails and Rhino horn are made of. They're known to cover their heads with their front legs when startled - when touched in this position, it will roll up entirely to form a ball, the sharp scales on the tail a weapon that can be used to lash out. Due to their diet, they are often also called Scaly Anteaters - they eat insects and their larvae, and don't actually have teeth but use their long tongues.

They used to be classified in a numbe
:iconmouselemur:Mouselemur 6 14
Walk On By by Mouselemur Walk On By :iconmouselemur:Mouselemur 73 27 Mouse Lemur by DreamOfAPhoenix Mouse Lemur :icondreamofaphoenix:DreamOfAPhoenix 5 2 River Otter Snuggles by DeeOtter River Otter Snuggles :icondeeotter:DeeOtter 195 19 Knife by kenket Knife :iconkenket:kenket 1,287 39 Needle by kenket Needle :iconkenket:kenket 1,297 54


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